Weekly boat rental charter


A holiday cruise with 1Portofino

You can choose a weekend, one week or more, on board one of our stunning yachts, which allows you freedom and relaxation in some of the most spectacular locations among Cote d’Azur, Sardinia, Elba Island, Amalfi Coast, and much more.

If you’ve always craved privacy, freedom and a touch of luxury, you can’t go far wrong on board with 1Portofino. From the moment you embark your world will be full of relaxation, pleasure and delight. Our professional crew members will be always at your disposal to ensure this. Our fleet offers luxury yachts, suitable for families, groups of friends or couples. Our cruises are 100% personalized ones.

Weekly boat charter
Weekly boat charter

The charm of a private yacht charter vacation is undeniable, but only if you get it right. Like all vacations, luxury charter requires a certain amount of planning and preparation to optimize success. With 1Portofino you will not have to think about it, because we will assist you in every single step of the reservation.

Since one of our strong points is creating a tailor made experience, choosing 1Portofino, you will have the charter specialist you had never before. Thanks to the professional knowledge and experience of our staff to organize the best charter vacation, the only thing you will need to think about is relaxing. We will tailor your itinerary, starting from which villages you would love to visit, to find the perfect restaurants that suit your preferences.

Just put your trust in us, and allow us to guide you in the choice of the boat, the location, the stops along the cruise, the must see location, the iconic restaurants and much more!

Contact us to discover all the details about how to prepare and customize your cruise with us!

With our impeccable service and the kindness and professionalism of the crew, will always make the customers feel at ease. We will take care of your preferences and needs, leaving nothing to chance.


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